Allan Okello has returned to the field of play at St Mary’s Stadium as he continues to recover from his cartilage injury.

The left footed gem has been out of action since May when it was discovered he had some wounds in the cartilage, and has since undergone three months of rehabilitation. 

However he took a significant step towards returning to first-team action when he was pictured kicking the ball and running for the first time since his healing alongside our team doctor Michael Lule and strength and conditioning coach Ibrahim Kato, and from his trademark smile it was clear to see our new signing was thrilled to be out of the gym and back on the turf.

He was also congratulated by Coach Leo Neiva and his teammates for his hard work and determination to get back to this point.

While it was projected that Okello will be out till the end of the first round of this campaign, it seems he is on the road to return fit and ready before the first half of the season ends.