The forward put in a stellar performance against Mbarara City FC twice to make it to the final of the Stanbic Uganda Cup to be hosted in Masindi next month.

Milton Karisa put on a Man-of-the-Match-worthy performance against Mbarara City FC in the Stanbic Uganda Cup, and his spirits are flying as Vipers SC head to Masindi to face BUL FC in the cup final next month.

“Especially after that first leg, we knew we could have done better so we came here on Tuesday to do the job and great game. I think they didn’t have a lot of chances, we scored ours. The atmosphere was great, so heading to Masindi is a nice achievement”, said Karisa.

Mbarara’s initial pressure had to be countered by the Venoms but eventually Robertinho’s squad gained control of the game.

“I think obviously playing at home in the first round they wanted to reach the final as well so they started with everything, pressing in the last minutes, but it is what it is when they came for the second in Kitende,” added Karisa.

“After that you always concede a bit more space, you are not as fresh as in the beginning – and we took advantage of that. I think in the end we did a great thing to secure qualification.”

And heading to Masindi to play for a trophy made this win even better.

“It’s incredible. We played against BUL FC in the final last season where we won won 8-1 but things have now changed and they’re not the same. So, when the time arrives we go with everything to defend our title,” he added.