St Mary’s Kitende school team is a proven conveyor belt of talents for Vipers Sports Club with some of its players going on to play in the paid ranks.

Umar Kyebatala is the latest prospect from the academy’s stable having joined during the mid-season transfer period of 2019-2020 term.

Youngster Umaru Kyebatala going through his paces at St Mary’s stadium last season.

His arrival didn’t grab the headlines as he was an unknown quantity then but the youngster is nonetheless happy to earn his stripes – one step at a time. 

Kyebatala comes with plenty of energy, hunger for success and of course dreams of turning professional in the future. He shared a moment with our website for an exclusive interview. Enjoy the excerpts;

1. Who is Kyebatala Umar? Describe yourself.

I am a humble and quiet person with a big heart that finds joy in helping those in need. However I hate liars. I cannot stand them.

2. Describe your first months in the league with Vipers.

Coming from the school side straight to the senior team was exciting and challenging at the same time due to a different environment from the one at school but I took little time to adapt and settle because of the old friends I found at Vipers. Life has been easy. And in regard to football, my first half of the season has been a huge lesson. My mentality, goals and expectations have been shaped and I look forward to next season with optimism.

3. Why do you think you were selected to join the senior team amongst other players who had just finished high school?

I must confess it was Allah’s blessings as even the rest of fellow school team mates are really good. Further to that, the discipline, hard work, determination and self-belief were also key factors for my consideration.

4. What goes through your mind whenever you step onto a football pitch?

I always thrive to be better than how I was yesterday and that attribute pushes me each time I step on the pitch.Opportunities come once therefore when given one, always strive to impress the coach as under performances andexcuses don’t augur well with tacticians.

5. What is your target next season?

To open my goals account as a Venom and also winsilverware. Those are my major priorities for the coming campaign.

6. Who do you play like amongst the other Venoms?

Fahad Bayo

7. In your teammate Abraham Ndugwa’s interview last week, he said you are the player to watch out for next season. What’s your take on his revelation?

Hahaha!! I’m humbled and take his early plaudits in Allah’s name. Thanks to Ndugwa for believing in my abilities. It is a sign of good things ahead.

8. Who is the toughest teammate you have faced?

Halid Lwaliwa, he is excellent both at reading the game and opponents. His speed and reaction rate even makes it harder to go past him.

9. With seasoned teammates like Dan Sserunkuma, Bayo, Tito Okello and Shaban Muhammed all available. How do you motivate yourself to get starting slot in a Vipers squad full of competition?

There is only one opportunity to prove your worth and it can only work in your favour when you are prepared. I will not give up my fight until I get a starting berth in the side.

10. Do you remember your first game? Describe how you felt.

Yes I do. It was the 1-0 win over Kyetume FC at the St. Mary’s Stadium, Kitende. I felt incredible that we won and I was humbled that I helped my team triumph.

11. Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

My dream is to play professional football somewhere in Europe with the guidance of Allah the most merciful.

12. Who is your closest friend in the team?

Ahmed Amayo! He is an honest guy and we share quite a lot in common.

13. What is your best weapon as a player?

I have a keen eye for goal. I can shoot from any angle with either foot and I am good in the air. 

14. What are you working on most during this lockdown?

A lot as u know football requires hard work.  My focus though is on polishing my shooting and finishing skills.

Kyebatala largely remains a work in progress whose desire to achieve will take him places.


Full names: Umar Kyebatala 

Date of Birth: December 5th, 2001

Age: 18 years 

Nickname: Champion Bwoy

Nationality: Ugandan

Position: Forward 

Weight: 65kgs 

Current club: Vipers SC

Jersey No: 11

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  1. This humbled soul is so talented and just watch out for him next season big up to my brother Kyebatala Umar and blessing’s follow you

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