Less than six weeks after the end of the 2018l19 season, many players are already back at the club preparing for another campaign.

The first thing they went through is pre-season testing. The aim is to find out players’ fitness levels after the break and get data to base their training programmes on.

Automatically the football season comes with numerous demands especially from the playing and coaching staff, and for Vipers the latter have began setting the boys for the upcoming challenge.

They opted to use the pre-season as an opportunity for developing these training qualities as competition is reduced to a few games over a period of months.

There are a number of drills the boys are taken through and these come in phases. These vary and include progression in training loads, testing physical qualities and establishing individual goals for pre-season.

In a bid to achieve the above, the Venoms were subjected to a players performance system analysis by the head coach Michael Nam Ouma, team physiotherapist, Mathius Kasagga and Patrick Wakira, a sports data analyst.

Ouma stressed that he needs to check the players technically, tactically and psychologically before they can embark on any pre-season games.

‘These tests will help players to avoid injuries during the season and prepare them psychologically in both training and competitive matches,” the coach explained.

All the players including new addition Allan Kayiwa took part in this session and exhibited positivity from start to end.

The first set of exercises included speed, endurance and fitness drills. The boys were also put to a drill to test the power and explosiveness of the lower part of the body, the thighs and calf to be specific.

Ouma hinted that he has lined up more programs that will be incorporated in the clubs pre-season schedule.

“We hope to go the gym, swimming and also train on various surfaces and a number of friendly matches so as to get the best from the squad.”