Vipers Sports Club has this evening named a 5 man interim technical team that will be handling the club going until the end of this season.

This development follows the exit of Mexican Javier Martinez Espinoza who was relieved of his duties yesterday.

The team includes a new face of Kenyan born Micheal Ouma, Oloya Moses, Edward Ssali and Ram Nyakana Mpuga.

A fifth person will be named by the club administration sooner than later.

The new team commenced work this evening with a training session in preparation for Vipers next league game against URA FC at Namboole on the 3rd January 2019.

Micheal Ouma promised more team cohesion and creativity going foward in his initial address to the club.

We remain Vipers. One team One dream.

8 replies on “Vipers name interim technical team”

  1. Okay, I like that combination but never bring fake coach material b’se we are tired of being laughed at by sports analyst who frequently had envy against our team president. I will be happy if we get a coach like M.mike if not him.
    A blessed year for my club
    For God n my country

  2. MichealOuma,Martinez,Miguel,Chukuma.One thing in. common..Foreign Coaches with no track record.Dont know the secret for hiring such,but it is a deservice to talented local players”Babakonya”

  3. When I look at the budget and the shoes string budget conditions he is working under, I think Abdalah Mubiru would do an amazing job at vipers!

    Before, you bring in these strange high maintenance, good for nothing coaches, who have no clue on how to manage clubs, let’s try the in-country coaches like yours truly mentioned above! Ok know there was lots of in-fighting during his short stint there but I think if given another chance again, Mubiru would do wonders at St. Mary’s!

    Think throw this!

  4. Am glad we have a president in Mulindwa and very hopeful, the club will eventually reach a top top level soon.
    These changes are normal.

  5. I think before hiring a coach proper evaluation should be done to choose a coach that fits into the club philosophy and vision. Then time should be given to the coach to achieve set goals. The current trend at Vipers is an abuse to the Sport.

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