Vipers SC has this evening terminated the services of its head coach Javier Martinez Espinoza.

The club management thanks the Mexican tactician for the services rendered to the club.

Vipers SC will in the next 24 hours make major announcements on the new technical team after the restructuring aimed at helping Vipers achieve its desired objectives at both local and international level.

The club thanks all its partners and fans for the support rendered and we remain one team one dream.

3 replies on “Espinoza leaves Vipers SC”

  1. FEW CLUBS IN AFRICAN FOOTBALL RELY ON developing their own talent, preferring to rely on poaching ‘finished products’ from others, for their title and other short-term ambitions.

    The prohibitive cost of discovering and nurturing young, budding talent, which adds up over several years, has been a major disincentive for the continent’s clubs, for whom just meeting daily needs can be extremely challenging. Poaching was a script Mazembe also followed, until its president realised they had to lay a much stronger, dependable foundation for the development of players, who would be painstakingly instilled with the football culture and personal ethos Mazembe’s keen to promote.

    “Vipers has been producing good talent for a long time but there has been no sustainable investment in them.

  2. prioritizing results will not enable vipers to achieve the long term success
    that will last for next generation A number of vipers soccer academy players have either failed to make their mark at the club or have been moved on to other clubs. What the club needs to do is go back to its roots and revolutionize vipers soccer academy Their style of coaching be focusing on technique, controlling the game and playing the ball on the ground with a focus of manufacturing world class super footballers

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